Basic Daily Rate £300 for sign writing and blackboard work, inclusive of travel within a 150 mile radius (CA10). My client base is spread across the UK so I am happy to travel nationwide.

For Wall Art & Murals please forward me details of the artwork required and dimensions and surface details of the wall/s in question for a quote.

Additional charges for extended travel, over night accommodation, if more than one day (maximum £50 per night) unless provided, blacking out, additional materials for specialist work

Vouchers can also be purchased as a unique gift for that special someone

What to expect: A typical days work is 8 hours inclusive of breaks.

Every establishment is different but as a guide in this time I can complete 4 large boards as pictured below.

To take full advantage of my time please ensure the following:

  • You have a good idea of what work needs doing so I can plan my time accordingly to fit around the needs of your business
  • Boards are blacked out and dry prior to my arrival, walls are clean and dry
  • A decision maker is on the premises or contactable should I need to query any instructions
  • I am aware of any issues such as working high up on beams so I can bring/arrange the correct equipment
  • That I have a suitable area to work in - in my experience your customers love to see me at work so a quiet corner to one side is perfect but generally somewhere that is clean and dry

Obviously, not every board is a large airbrushed work of art. Many venues just have standard size boards that require just lettering. So, £300 would normally get you around 20 normal sized (A2) boards.

CANCELLATIONS. Obviously sometimes you may need to cancel a booking. I require at least 5 days notice of any cancellation. Anything less than this will be charged as follows

5 - 3 working days (inc.) will be charged at half day. £150.00

3 - 0 working days (inc.) will be charged at full day. £300.00

I will of course take into account extreme circumstances


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