I charge £250 per day for chalkboard work or £150 for half a day plus travel and overnight accommodation where applicable. 

I charge £300 per day for mural work plus expenses as above.

Below are four boards completed for the Tenth Lock, in Dudley. All four were completed in just one day at a total cost of £250. Typically, this is my daily rate, plus travel (or £150 for half a day). I don't request that boards are blacked out as I'm happy to do this as part of my service, however, if the boards are already blacked, i'd be able to do a lot more artwork within that day.

 Obviously, not every board is a large airbrushed work of art. Many venues just have standard size boards that require just lettering. So, £250 would normally get you around 20 normal sized (A2) boards.

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